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Technology Driven

Polite is a full spectrum CNC machine company. Our CNC services include turning, milling, Ram EDM, Wire EDM, gun drilling, and grinding. Our vast CNC milling services mean we can cover all of your needs and assist you from prototype to production …and our long history of commitment to our customers means we are ready to help you.




Assembly equipment components

Heat-treated and coated parts that last thousands of cycles for the machine builder.

Deep hole drilling

Polite uses Technidrill system gundrills for deep hole machining.

Ram & Wire EDM

Polite has a complete temperature control department for EDM related machining.

Graphite milling

Polite's automated graphite milling methods make it more cost effective for our customers.

CNC Materials

Assist Our Customer

From Prototype to Products

Polite Tech Appearance Design Structrual Design Mold Design Mold Building Injection Molding Production

Why choose Polite

Our CNC milling services complement our injection molding and mold making capabilities. By offering custom plastic injection molding and high-quality product assembly, we ensure a streamlined production process.

One-station service

From prototyping, production scheduling to product assembly. All can be done by Polite.

Customer satisfaction

99% Satisfaction rate

Over 50% Repurchace rate

On Alibaba 


Every project, Polite communicate every detail with customer to find out the best solutions. Improve product quality with capabilities. 

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