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Mold Making

Our expertise extends to mold making for a variety of applications. With a focus on custom plastic injection molding, we ensure an end-to-end approach that delivers consistent, high-quality product assembly.

Complete Molding Solutions for Plastic Goods by Polite Technology

At Polite Technology, we're dedicated to delivering a broad spectrum of injection molding services. Seeking design expertise or prototype evaluation? Rely on our comprehensive capabilities.

With us, you'll receive top-tier molds, intricately designed, with delivery potential in as little as 10 days. Under tight time constraints? We've got you covered with our vast range of injection equipment to accelerate your projects.

Moreover, Polite Technology is adept in managing a plethora of resins, offering an extensive material portfolio. Specialized material needs? We’re on hand to cater to client-specific requirements.

Product Developer

Swift Prototyping

Accelerated prototype creation is essential for reducing design development time, offering immediate feedback on feasibility. That's why Polite Technology boasts state-of-the-art 3D printers and CNC machinery to ensure the promptest prototype deliveries.


Unmatched Precision

With Polite Technology, precision is a given. Our CNC machines operate with a tolerance around +/-0.02mm, while our advanced CNC versions impress with a +/-0.002mm tolerance, aligning perfectly with global industry benchmarks.



Polite Technology can craft over 600 mold sets annually. Moreover, we've built a trusted collaboration network to enhance our production volume. No order surpasses our capability – from mass orders to limited-volume requests, understanding the varied market needs our clients cater to.

Financial Report

Economic Viability

A single injection mold with Polite Technology can yield thousands of components. Collaborating with us opens doors to a comprehensive suite of injection molding services at competitive prices – a smarter choice over juggling multiple vendors. Our exactness and speedy deliveries further contribute to economical production.

Product Packaging

Exceptional Quality

Polite Technology utilizes only materials from reputable suppliers. All operations are overseen by seasoned experts in compliance with our rigorous quality measures. Components and prototypes reach our clients only after meeting our strict quality criteria.


Peak Efficiency

Depending on your product volume and deadline, Polite Technology can mobilize several injection machines to match your requirements. Our prowess in injection molding guarantees that your plastic parts' contract manufacturing shortens your market entry time, fulfilling client anticipations.

Why Polite Technology is Your Top Choice for Injection Molding

Boasting over four decades in the molding sector, Polite Technology merges its profound experience with the latest industry innovations. Our diversified team of experts spans multiple domains, ensuring we adeptly cater to industries like automotive, furniture, baby essentials, warehousing, and more.

Mold Design


Part Design

Bring us your idea and we will take it from concept to a workable design.

Tooling Design

We factor quality, efficiency, and durability into the equation. During the design we analyze every detail to anticipate potential problems. Leaving you with trouble-free operation.


Moldflow Analysis

Simulating plastic flow is the front end of our mould design process. Performing multiple what-if scenarios provides us with the information we need to achieve high quality moulded parts.

Design for Manufacturing

DFM portrays the intent of the mold design. Some of the design items considered include; parting lines, gating, ejection locations, action, draft analysis, and part wall section analysis.

In-house Tooling Tria

The tool debugging phase of mold validation occurs at our facility ensuring that the tool is production ready when it arrives at your door.

Assist Our Customer

From Prototype to Products

Polite Tech Appearance Design Structrual Design Mold Design Mold Building Injection Molding Production

Why choose Polite


One-station service

From prototyping, production scheduling to product assembly. All can be done by Polite.

Customer satisfaction

99% Satisfaction rate

Over 50% Repurchace rate

On Alibaba 


Every project, Polite communicate every detail with customer to find out the best solutions. Improve product quality with capabilities. 

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